2019 Solar Eclipses


Solar eclipses occur on average just less than once a year, with only some of them being Total.  Of these, many spend two-thirds of their duration casting their shadow only over the oceans or the polar regions, and only touch land briefly, such that they are generally only directly experienced by a very limited number of people. 


HOWEVER in 2019 there are two solar eclipses, the first of which takes place on  2nd July 2019, and is a Total Solar Eclipse, and the second of which takes place on 26th December 2019, and is an Annular Solar Eclipse.

02 July 2019

Total Solar Eclipse

 - South America

This total solar eclipse will begin at local sunrise in the South Pacific Ocean near the Pitcairn Islands, then race eastwards as a 200 km wide shadow to make landfall in northern Chile in the La Serena region, then over the Andes and on across central Argentina to end at local  sunset just south of Buenos Aires.


Simultaneously, a partial solar eclipse with over 60% of the sun eclipsed will be observable  across most of the entire southern part of South America.

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26 December 2019

Annular Solar Eclipse

 - Asia (South & South East)

This annular solar eclipse begins at sunrise in Saudi Arabia then passes through Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Oman, UAE, Southern India, Northern Ceylon, Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo just after local midday then races NorthEast across the the USA's Western Pacific island territory of Guam, and ending in the Archipelago of Kiribati at local sunset.


Simultaneously a much wider area will experience a partial eclipse extending from Ethiopia in the South up to Central Asia, Pakistan, India and across to South East China.  

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